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If You’d Like To Publish A Top-Selling Non-Fiction Book By The End Of January 2023 —

How Anyone Can Use A.I. To Turn Your Idea Into A BestSeller In Three Short Evenings... For Free!

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What Is APM: eBook Edition v2?

It is a combination of Designrr's official self-publishing course AND LIVE, interactive coaching program where I show you how to use AI to zip through the entire process of writing, publishing and marketing your book at 10x speed!

Perhaps The Fastest Way To Explain What Version 2 Of APM eBook Edition Is All About, Is By Drawing A Quick Analogy:

Imagine you’ve got your hands on the most cutting-edge, proven, scientific fitness program on the planet. It combines clinically tested exercises, easy-to-follow, customizable diet plans and routines. 

Hundreds of people who've struggled with other workout plans before are raving about this program’s unique approach, its stunning effectiveness and the astonishing speed of results.

Now, imagine, that, after investing immense resources and spending months on research and development the company behind that groundbreaking fitness program introduces a new “turbo pill.”

This bleeding-edge supplement rocket-boosts your performance allowing you to get 10x the results from the fitness program 10x faster… leaving your friends astounded at the speed of your transformation. 

APM: eBook Edition Is The Program. APM: AI Upgrade Live Coaching Is The "Turbo Pill"

The Program: APM: eBook Edition

This is Desginrr’s Official Self-Publishing Program. It is a proven, tested A-Z framework for writing, publishing and marketing a non-fiction bestseller.

After spending years writing, editing, marketing and failing miserably with my first two non-fiction books… I accidentally stumbled on a self-publishing framework which I later called, APM. I’ve used this framework to publish three books each responsible for multiple six figures in profits.  

My book Content Marketing for Dummies brought me enough income and recognition to build and grow Designrr - the largest eBook creation app in the world that is now doing multiple seven figures a year.

Later I introduced that framework to a handful of Designrr users. 

Hundreds of our customers have used APM to bang out best sellers that are bringing them passive, recurring revenue. Hundreds were able to use their book to establish themselves as experts and thought leaders in their field. Dozens got speaking gigs, podcast invites and other media opportunities due to their APM book. 

In this presentation you can read about and see some of the biggest success stories of our program.


I’ve spent the past few months researching different ways how free AI tools can help me 10x the speed and effectiveness of my self-publishing program, “APM: eBook Edition.” I’ve called this turbo pill, “APM A.I. Upgrade.”

It consists of three LIVE, Interactive, coaching sessions. During these sessions, I will personally show you how to use free, dead-simple - yet incredibly powerful - AI tools… to zip through the entire APM program!... 

With my personal guidance on using AI for your book, you can research, write, edit, publish and start selling your book 10x FASTER… 10x more effectively than any other APM student before you! 

 With APM program AND the new “turbo pill” - “LIVE A.I. upgrade coaching” — you can realistically knock out your bestseller in 3 short evenings!

From The Desk Of Paul Clifford
Founder & CEO of DESIGNRR.IO
San Diego, California.

Hey, Paul Clifford here and I have an urgent, extremely time-sensitive message to share with all Designrr users.

It's this:

TODAY, there is nothing… NOTHING… stopping you from writing and publishing your own top-selling book in a single evening

This Has Never Been Possible In The History Of Mankind... UNTIL NOW! 

Never has it been possible to take just an idea and turn it into a professionally-written bestseller LITERALLY overnight! With ZERO hassle. ZERO overwhelm. ZERO guesswork!

That’s because today…

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Self-Publishing Game… At Lightning Speed!

Free A.I. tools like ChatGPT have made it possible for anyone to convert their ideas, thoughts and experiences into a blockbuster book. That’s right! 

All you need is an idea.

And if you know what you are doing, you can just feed the A.I. the right instructions and lay back.

"In A minute, I'll show you EXACTLY what to do...

Then, watch in amazement and wide-eyed excitement as your book is taking shape right in front of your eyes. Give the AI a few other simple "commands."

And see it clean up and organize your manuscript into a top-notch book. Done. You're now all set to conquer the shelves of your readers.

All this can take you mere minutes. YES, minutes!

And the best part? 

Once again - if you know exactly what you are doing...

That Book Is Going To Be So Much More Than A Robot-Generated Piece Of Writing! It Will Be Loaded With Your Personality Through And Through! 

With the right know-how, your book can (and should!) be the reflection of your true, authentic self. Your unique experience. Your unique voice. Your unique outlook on the topic you're writing about. 

This, of course, is crucial

After all, no one is going to get emotionally and even intellectually invested in a book churned out by a robot. 

The key here, is of course, to “know EXACTLY what you are doing.” .

You see, when it comes to A.I. the majority of people have no clue how to use it properly.

Since what most of them fail to realize is that…

A.I. Is Just A Tool — Nothing More, Nothing Less!

Yes, it is a powerful tool with limitless capabilities. Yes, it can dramatically speed up your writing process. Yes, it can help you better understand your reader’s pain points. Yes, it can even write entire sections of your book for you. 

But at the end of the day… it is just a tool.

What I’m getting at is this:

Every Tool Is Only As Good As The Craftsman Using It!

Think of two people playing a piano. One person is a trained musician. She sits at the piano, gracefully gliding their fingers over the keys, effortlessly creating a beautiful melody.

The other one has never played piano before. So she can only make clumsy, uncertain attempts to find the right notes. She still extracts sound from the instrument. 

But it’s a far cry from the masterful performance by a talented piano player.
I’ve seen it happen to a lot of people who try to create content with AI. They become overwhelmed by its endless capabilities. Totally confused as to where to start or what to do.

Others get the opposite experience.

They fire up ChatGPT, type in a couple of prompts (commands) and get underwhelmed by how plain some of the responses are. 

So they deem it worthless and forget about it altogether.

The Response To My Very Basic "AI Writing" Mini Course Has Been Overwhelming!

That is why last month I released a special mini-course on how to use ChatGPT to write your own non-fiction book.

The response to that course has been astounding. I've received hundreds of rave emails from people all over the world.

They were bubbling with excitement over the exact instructions I shared in the course. 

Finally… they could break through writer’s block and get started with their new book!
Many others, praised the course for helping them use A.I. to finally nail down the topic they want to write about.

Despite All The Hype Around ChatGPT  — Many People Deemed It Useless... At First!

Of course, there were also many others who had tried to work with ChatGPT before. But they were simply lost in the vast array of options and features the AI has to offer them. 

They were in the dark about the specific steps needed to get the A.I. to help with their book. .

For those people, the course actually gave a straightforward, step-by-step roadmap on what to do first, second, third, etc.
Then, there were quite a few people who had always dreamed of writing a book. But never thought they had the chops to do it. 

For those people, the course provided the clarity they so desperately needed. 

It helped them turn the ideas they’ve been sitting on for ages… into a detailed, easy-to-follow outline for a book. 
But you know what?

In That Mini-Course I Only Covered The Most Basic Techniques For Using A.I. To Write A Book!

Yes, even that basic information was enough to finally get the ball (or rather - the pen) rolling for a lot of our users. 

Yes, it helped a ton of people to triumph over writer’s block, break through their creative barriers, gain clarity and find their writing compass.

There's A World More To "AI Writing" Than The Bare-Bones Basics Everyone Is Using!

There’s so much more to creating a top-selling book, than the basics I covered in that mini course. 

In fact, to once again draw an analogy with a piano player… I just taught them how to read the notes and play a few, very basic melodies.


But far from enough to crank out a book that can establish you as a thought leader AND bring you a windfall of sales.

Becoming A Bestselling Author Is More Than Just Writing!

And I'm not just talking about writing, here.

Writing, in fact, is only one piece of the puzzle.

To really stack the odds of success heavily in your favor, you also need to know how to:
  • Make sure there’s an audience eager to buy your book
  • Uncover your reader's deepest pain points
  • ​Find fresh, new angles for the topic you want to cover in your book
  • You have to know how to market your book in a way that brings you maximum sales and exposure
  • How to publish your book on Amazon! (or whether you should publish it on Amazon at all!)
  • You need to know how to create buzz around your book BEFORE your book is even out there
  • And so far I’ve I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the things you need to know to turn out a bestseller!
Truth is, A.I. can help you to perform each of those steps in mere minutes (often - seconds.) But first, you need to know what specific steps you need to take to make your book a massive hit.

Secondly, you need to know the right commands (prompts to give the A.I. so it can help you complete those steps like a seasoned pro.

In other words... 

You Need Two Things: 

The A.I. can’t map out that strategy FOR YOU. Neither can it execute it FOR YOU. And as ironic as it is, the A.I. can’t even give you the prompts you need to give it.

So it's either you know EXACTLY what you’re doing or you don’t!.

But imagine… IMAGINE if you had a proven, tested step-by-step strategy for writing, publishing and marketing a world-class book from A-Z. 

AND… to top it off, you knew all the commands you need to give the A.I. so it helps you perform EACH of those steps in mere seconds?

Can you imagine the astonishing speed at which you could put out a top-quality book… and start selling it by the truckloads?

Well, you're in luck. Because that is exactly what you I'm set to give you today. 



APM: eBook Edition is Designrr’s best-selling course. 

It uncovers our proprietary approach for writing, publishing and marketing your book for maximum sales, impact and exposure in 21 days or less. 

(SIDE NOTE: TODAY, as mentioned in the headline, with the help of the free AI tools, you can do it in a single evening. More about it in a second.).

Hundreds of Designrr users have used APM to bang out best sellers that are bringing them passive, recurring revenue. 

Hundreds were able to use their book to establish themselves as experts and thought leaders in their field.

Dozens got speaking gigs, podcast invites and other media opportunities due to their APM book.
But talk is cheap.

So let me stress this fact…

If you’ve tried other self-publishing courses, you may have noticed MOST of them don’t show the actual books their students have published. 

Maybe they don’t have enough success stories to share. Maybe it’s something else. I don’t know.

But we’ve got nothing to hide. We are proud of all of our students’ achievements.

So let me list out just a few of them here.
Jarie Bolander was one of the first students of our APM program. He religiously followed all the instructions in the course. 

As a result, he didn't have to wait long for success with his book, "Story Driven Outreach." 

In fact...

His Book Hit The Amazon Bestseller List In Two Different Niches At The Same Time... Within Hours After He Published It! 

By that time he already had 7 books under his belt. 

Yet, none of those came even close in generating the number of sales and exposure as the one he put out using APM system.
By the way, as a side benefit, just first 2 days after he published his book, Jarie got a new high-ticket client for his services.

Now, it’s hard to confirm whether it was due to the book launch campaign he put together using the APM strategy. (Though it’s very likely.) 

But one thing is certain: 

His Client Was Blown Away Jarie Had A Bestseller To His Name With Plenty Of 5-Star Reviews From His Readers!

1,106 "Hot" Leads For Coaching Business In 5 Days!

And yet another student of ours was Janet Maunder

Her APM book, "How To Feel Positive Using 6 Hypnotic Techniques: Even If You Have No Time" was an instant success. 
Janet's goal with the book was simple:

To establish herself as an authority in "Hypnotic Healing" and generate clients for her coaching business.

Her Readers Were Almost Begging To Hire Her!

In just 5 days after she published the book, it generated 1,106 downloads (leads).

And guess what?

From those 1,106 readers, dozens started banging on her door almost begging to hire her to help them with "hypnotic healing".

By the way,  her book is still going strong bringing her sales and coaching clients every single month.

Gynecology Book Becomes #1 New Release On Amazon!

Then there is Diane Haugen and her husband Alan Lindermann. Both are experienced physicians. Diane, in fact, is an obstetric physician who during her career has delivered no less than 6,000 babies! 

With the help of the APM book framework (covered in module #3 of the APM course) she and her husband distilled their vast experience into a book they wrote together titled, "SafePregnancy Explained."  

I think the title should give you an idea what the book was about. Needless to say - safe pregnancy - is an extremely specialized niche. 

Their book was competing with plenty of other established medical books on the subject.


Using our simple step-by-step APM book launch strategy (covered in module #5 of the APM course)... 

Alan and Diane turned their book into the #1 new release on Amazon... right off the bat!

Alastair Had Written Five Great Books! All Of Them Went Largely Unnoticed By His Audience!

Alastair Duhs is a psychologist from New Zealand. He specializes in anger management for couples

Before coming across the APM system he had written five books. They were great (I've read two of them.)

Unfortunately all of those books went largely unnoticed by his audience.

He employed the APM self-publishing system just a few months ago and put out a book titled, “Anger Management Made Simple.”
And you know what?

On top of the passive income from book sales, it is now bringing him dozens of clients every month! (That’s the power of the authority status you build with your APM book.)

Retired Sketch Artist Finally Makes His Dream Come True!

Raymon McSharry is a retired sketch artist from the U.K. He has always dreamed of publishing his own book and sharing his vast experience with the new generation of artists. 

After enrolling in APM: eBook edition, he finally made his dream a reality!
Plus, of course, it doesn’t hurt that his book sales are bringing him passive income in his retirement.

Author Of Multiple International Bestsellers Tries APM On For Size!

Barbara Miller is the author of multiple best sellers. One of them, in particular, is a massive hit among history enthusiasts. It has more than 380 five-star reviews!
But you know what?

Her new APM book is a heavy hitter in its own right! 

Decrees and Dangerous Prayers is quickly gaining tremendous traction on track to becoming another bestseller for Barbara Miller.
O.K. I could literally fill up an entire book briefly mentioning all of our student success stories. 

But the point I’m trying to make is this:
 APM system for writing, publishing and marketing your non-fiction book WORKS. As you just saw, it Is tested and proven by hundreds of our students.

The Effectiveness Of APM System Is Validated NOT By Our Own Claims. But By The Stellar Results Achieved By APM Students... WITHOUT THE ASSISTANCE OF AI THAT IS NOW AVAILABLE TO YOU!

Consider this:
Our students published their APM eBook in less than 21 days WITHOUT the help of the A.I. But by simply following the step-by-step APM framework.

Now imagine what if you had access to the unique, proven, tested APM strategy which shows you what to do first, second, thirdto make sure your book is a massive success. 

PLUS… YOU knew exactly how to zip through each step in the APM strategy with the help of AI… in mere seconds!

Can you see just how fast you would be able to achieve similar (or better) results as our APM students… who didn’t have AI's assistance? 

Well, you don’t have to imagine. Because with this limited offer, when you grab APM: eBook edition you are also getting…

Three Interactive, LIVE Coaching Sessions Where I Will Personally Show You How To Use Free AI Tools... To Execute The Entire APM Strategy And... Knock Out A World-Class Book In One Evening!

Here’s an example of a few cornerstone steps in the APM process… I’ll show you how to breeze through in seconds with the help of FREE A.I.:
  • How to use A.I. to come up with fresh new angles and perspectives on the topic you’re writing about… that have never been covered before by any other author!
  • How to have the A.I. interact as your potential reader! 

    (I’ll show you how to interview "the virtual reader" for a few minutes to unearth exactly what he’d love to find in your book… and how you should cover it… for maximum impact!)
  • ​How to find rock-solid sources and info to shore up the points you’re making in your book!

    (This is crucial if you want to be recognized as a credible authority in your field… and never have anyone question the validity of the info you’re presenting!)
  • ​How to use the A.I. to edit your book and save hundreds of dollars on editor services!

    (This includes everything from fixing grammar mistakes and typos… to making sure your tone and style are keyed to your audience... to giving your book that polished, professional, nitpick-proof finish.)
  • ​How to use A.I. to create a marketing campaign that stirs up buzz and excitement around your book BEFORE you publish it… for free!
  • ​How to use A.I. to come up with all the marketing assets you need to make your book launch… and its subsequent sales… a raging long-term success!
  • ​How to make sure your book reflects YOUR unique personality, YOUR experiences, YOUR voice and YOUR thought process!
That’s what your readers are really after - your authentic self. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a book on finding your true self in chaos or on how to automate business processes.” 

If You Want To Make Maximum Impact And Sales Your Book Has To Ooze With Your Personality! (I’ll uncover the scientific reason WHY and HOW to do it on the program!)

  • And much... MUCH... more!
These coaching calls are going to be interactive. Each call will consist of two parts: 

In the first part of the call, I’m going to quickly show you how to use A.I. to execute specific steps in the APM framework.

The second part is going to take up the major portion of the call. There you and I are going to implement those steps in the most effective manner for your own book.

Once again - these calls are going to be interactive. You will have the opportunity to ask me any questions you may have about ANY aspect of writing, publishing and marketing of your book. 

And I will provide you with personalized support and guidance for your specific goals.

What's It Going To Cost You?

You can get APM: eBook Edition + $2,417 worth of bonuses… AND... secure your seat in my “APM: A.I. Upgrade” live coaching program… for the same price hundreds of our other students have paid for APM: eBook edition ALONE. 

Just $297. 

That’s right. For a one-off price of just $297, you can get yourself a lifetime ticket to a world of instant publishing success!

Seats Are Limited To 50 2 Users!

Because of the amount of personal attention involved in this program, I can’t take on more than 50 2 students. Once the 50 2 seats are filled up the “APM: A.I. Upgrade” live coaching program will be closed to new students. 

And your only chance to get the program will be to pay anywhere from $197-$297 for the recordings of the coaching sessions once they’re out. 

Naturally, then I won’t be able to offer you my personal coaching and support in writing, publishing and marketing your book.

But if you act now you can get the entire APM program + $2,417 worth of bonuses + secure one of the 50 2 spots on “APM: A.I. Upgrade” LIVE coaching program… for a price of a dinner for two.

Here's What To Do Now:

  • Click the button below to get instant access to the APM course. Tear into the package. Watch the video trainings. Check out all the exclusive bonuses you've received.
  • If you’re among the first 50 2 people to claim this deal, within the next 24 hours you'll get an email from me with the day and time of our first LIVE coaching session on, how to execute APM with A.I. 


As I mentioned earlier, I have received hundreds of emails from our users praising the BASIC, "A.I. writing" course (I presented some of their feedback in the beginning of this letter.) AND APM: eBook edition is our best selling course. 

With those two facts in mind, I expect the first 50 2 copies of APM: eBook Edition v2.0 eligible for "A.I. Upgrade" LIVE coaching program to sell out extremely FAST.

So take action now while you can. If you refresh this page all 50 2 seats may be gone.


APM: Course Edition + APM eBook Edition
Lifetime Access
594 $494
  • Everything included In APM eBook Edition v2.0  (Value - $5,708)
  • ➕ Lifetime access to "APM: Course Edition" Video Course ($997 retail value)
  • ➕ APM: Course Edition Q&A session recordings
  • ➕ Bonus #1:
    $5M Sales Email Templates ($597 retail value)
  • ➕ Bonus #2:
    Three, 7-figure sales page templates ($1997 retail value)
  • ➕Bonus #3:
    Survey templates ($197 retail value)
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    7 Reverse Feedback Loophole Emails ($197 retail value)
  • ➕ Bonus #5:
    Course research toolkit ($497 retail value)

Total Value: $10,190
Special Offer Price: $494

APM: COurse Edition v2.0
Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime access to APM: eBook Edition v2.0 ($997 retail value)
  • "APM: A.I. Upgrade" Live Coaching Program ($1,997 retail value)
  • Recordings Of Coaching Sessions (will sell for $297)
  • Bonus #1:
    Fill in the blanks APM eBook Template ($597 retail value)
  • Bonus #2:
    eBook Creation Checklist ($47 retail value)
  • Bonus #3:
    List-Building Strategy Mind Map ($197 retail value)
  • Bonus #4:
    List-Building Checklist ($47 retail value)
  • Bonus #5:
    Step-By-Step Walkthrough of eBook publishing on Amazon KDP ($97 retail value)
  • Bonus #6:
    Step-By-Step Social Selling Guide ($297 retail value)
  • Bonus #7:
    eBook Launch Checklist ($97 retail value)
  • Bonus #8:
    eBook Launch Paint-By-The-Numbers Marketing Strategy ($497 retail value)
  • Bonus #9:
    eBook Marketing Strategy Mind Map ($47 retail value)
  • Bonus #10:
    Step-By-Step, Fill-In-The-Blanks Hot Niche Research Framework ($197 retail value)
  • Bonus #11:
    Step-By-Step Blueprint For Finding The Perfect Topic For Your eBook ($297 retail value)
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Total Value = $5,708
Special Offer = $297

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If for any reason — or no reason at all, you are not 100% satisfied with your training , coaching program or both — just hit us up — and we'll issue a no-questions-asked, immediate refund! You can contact us in a single click in the member area you get access to as soon as you become APM member.


Paul Clifford
(CEO of Designrr, Founder of APM)

P.S. There hasn't been a better time to knock out a best selling non-fiction book than NOW. Now, the free A.I. tools have made it possible for you to bang out your very own best selling book in a single evening. 

But, of course, you need a solid strategy for not just writing but also publishing and especially marketing your book. 

I have combined our proven bestseller-producing APM: eBook system for writing publishing and marketing your book... with all the nitty-gritty techniques I've discovered for using AI to 100x the speed at which you write your book. 

And I've put together a package where you can get both APM: eBook edition + LIVE coaching on using AI to write and market your book so you can bang out a non-fiction best seller in a few short evenings max.

Here's everything you get with this offer:
  • APM: eBook Edition (Retail Value - $997)
  • “APM: A.I. Upgrade” LIVE coaching program (Retail Value - $1,997. + Recordings will sell for $297)
  • BONUS #1: “Fill in the blanks" APM eBook Template (Value -$597)
  • ​BONUS #2: eBook Creation Checklist (Value - $47)
  • ​​BONUS #3: List-Building Strategy Mind Map (Value - $197)
  • ​​BONUS #4: List-Building Checklist (Value - $47)
  • ​​BONUS #5: Step-By-Step Walkthrough of eBook publishing on Amazon KDP (Value - $97)
  • ​​BONUS #6: Step-By-Step Social Selling Guide (Value - $297)
  • ​​BONUS #7: eBook Launch Checklist (Value - $97)
  • ​​BONUS #8: eBook Launch Paint-By-The-Numbers Marketing Strategy (Value - $497)
  • ​​BONUS #9: eBook Marketing Strategy Mind Map (Value - $47)
  • ​​BONUS #10: Step-By-Step, Fill-In-The-Blanks Hot Niche Research Framework (Value - $197)
  • ​​BONUS #11: Step-By-Step Blueprint For Finding The Perfect Topic For Your eBook (Value - $297)

Total Value = $5,708
Special Offer = $297

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