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3D Cover generator, Publish to Kindle, 
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"I am writing a book and taking each chapter and making it an E-book. 
I literally did my first one in 10 minutes and then got created a 3D Cover Image to start running ads to it! So within 15 minutes I now have a lead magnet and ebook! 
You rock DESIGNRR!!!"
Nick Trevillian
Now that you have Designrr, take advantage of our one time special offer to upgrade to Designrr PRO for a huge reduction of the yearly fee
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1) Get More Templates & More Designs
Get an additional 100 premium templates PLUS 10 new templates every month.

We deliver new stunning project templates EVERY single month so you can instantly create amazing books without needing any graphic or design skills at all and never run out of new eye catching styles.

Buying just 1 template from a 3rd party would cost over $200.  Your getting 100 now and 10 more each month.  Thats over $40,000 in value.
2) 3d Cover Creator
Instant 3d Covers
With 1-click, Designrr PRO will generate a 3d cover image for you to save and upload to your site. 
3) Publish to Kindle Format
Sell your books on Amazon.
Export your finished book ready for the Kindle store.

Outputs in .mobi and epub formats making it easy to upload and publish on Amazon.

Upload and Profit from millions of readers buying Kindle ebooks every day.

4) Flipbook Generator
Share online using Flipbooks
Create a flipbook and share using just a link.  Great for your mobile users, so they don't have to download the pdf.  

These Flipbooks are animated and you can embed them on your website.
5) Publish to Apple iBooks
Sell your books on Apple iBooks Store.

Outputs in Apple epub format making it easy to upload and publish on Apple iBooks store.

6) Import from PDF
Don't have a website, No Problem
Import that old whitepaper or pdf ebook for a whole new look.  Upload the pdf, reformat and re-publish.
7) Import From Any Facebook Page
Choose any page on Facebook and Import
In addition to importing from your profile and page (Standard plan), With PRO you also import from other Pages owned by other businesses.

8) Save & Re-use Sections
Rinse and Repeat
Within Designrr, you can create and save paragraphs and pages to use in other projects.  For example your Author page or Standard Terms & Conditions can be inserted into any project instantly.  Saving you time re-typing and styling the same text again and again.

Clone Projects
You can also duplicate any project using our clone feature, enabling you create multiple copies of the same project 
Save $1000's in template and design costs, and profit by publishing your ebooks on other platforms.
  • ​Over 100 New Premium Templates added to your account.
  • ​10 new templates added every month.
  • ​Enhanced 3D Cover maker tool
  • Publish to Kindle
  • ​Publish to Apple
  • ​Import from PDF
  • ​Image Optimization
  • ​Import from 3rd party Facebook Business Pages
  • ​Save and re-use your content
Reduced from: $468 per year

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Disclaimer: This software is built for creating lead magnets and ebooks from your webpages or your clients.  Please do not create a book from someone else's website and call it your own.
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