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Create Stunning eBooks & Lead Magnets In 30 Seconds Without Ever Writing A Single Word
For growing your list, publishing ebooks or repurposing content...

"I tripled the growth of my list in around 8 minutes using Designrr"
Mike Cooch
Founder of, Contributer for
We've just removed the 2 biggest hurdles you’ve faced in creating an ebook.
1) Writing the content.
2) Getting one designed.

Finally you can now create an ebook or lead magnet from any webpage, just grab the URL and in 2 clicks its done.
Use these ebooks to:
 - Drive traffic from slideshare and other pdf sites
 - Increase leads by creating a lead magnet
 - Re-purpose your content
 - Sell your ebooks and monetise your content.
Here is how it works:
1) Grab a URL
Designrr works with all websites
Simply enter the url when you start a new project.  We'll start loading the content in the background, ignoring all the site navigation, adverts, sharing icons and anything you wouldn't want in an ebook.
2) Choose a template
Get started immediately with over 12 project templates
You can completely customize it afterwards, changing images, fonts and styles.
3) Tweak and tune
Adjust and tailor your book to suit your style.
Add images from our copyright free image search or upload your own.  Change font styles, the cover, headers and foots and finally add a call to action.  
4) Publish
With one click you create a beautiful pdf.
The pdf is also stored in your account so you can access it anytime and download it to your machine.
Introducing the creator of Designrr
I'm Paul Clifford, CEO and Founder of PageOneTraffic.
I’m a software entrepreneur, sold 3 startups and author of Content Marketing for Dummies…We have over 30,000 customers using our marketing products including - a leading content marketing platform.  
Designrr is an online tool that creates beautiful ebooks or lead magnets from 1 or more web pages.  It removes all the clutter like sidebars, social icons, adverts, navigation so you end up with pure, clean content in your book.
Here are some of the key features:
Get started immediately with Instant Project Templates
With 12 completely customisable project templates to choose from you start with 1 click.
Each template features a cover image, header and footer styling and font selection.  All of these are easily changed in the editor.
Perfect for beginners or advanced users
Unlimited Images
Search across stunning copyright free images from Unsplash or upload your own, the choice is yours.

You can add an image anywhere in the content or even a cover image.

We've also included an image editor so you create those Instagram style effects right in your browser.
Unleash the designer in you
Make your book amazing
We've put together 21 Font and color styles.  You can instantly switch between them with 1-mouse click.

You can even access 720 Google fonts, there is no end to your creative freedom.
For the writer inside
Over 200 Professional Cover Images
With PRO you have an additional Covers section in the media manager which displays over 200 professionally designed book covers.

These automatically appear and you scroll and choose to insert these anywhere in your book.
Designs include covers for fiction and non-fiction, corporate white papers and lead magnets.
3d Cover Creator
With 1 click Designrr PRO will generate a 3d cover image for you to save and upload to your site. Watch Video below:
One - Click Thumbnails.
Full Video Training Included
All our help, support and training is delivered right inside the app.

We don't do tickets.  If you have a problem you can chat to us direct.
We don't leave you hanging
We have been building marketing software for over 5 years with over 30,000 customers...

THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT! I love PageOneTraffic products because they are easy and simple to use right out of the box.

Pierre Moise -

Thank you... for producing top quality products. You have a lifelong customer here.

Kimberly Hawthorne -

Paul is one of the best, glad to recommend his products and excellent support.

Bill Hayden - Hayden & Associates

Because of Paul's software, I am a hero with my clients! :).

Kate Saunders - Success Aligned Mobile, Success Aligned Marketing

For every customer who buys this week will get the digital edition of my book: Content Marketing For Dummies

Content Marketing For Dummies

This Book Outlines the PICASSO 5 Step Framework Removes the Effort From Content Marketing. Whether your are Brand, Small Business, Agency or Entrepreneur - This is for you!

How to get high quality, evergreen traffic without writing any content from scratch.

Unsolicited Feedback Received in the past 3 days:
So what exactly do you get?
  • Lifetime access to the Designrr software platform
  • Access to unlimited copyright free images from unsplash (no need to buy stock images)
  • Includes 720 Google fonts, so you can implement any style you want.
  • 21 customizable themes to save time creating your book
  • 12 Project Templates so you can get started immediately
  • Create unlimited lead magnets, pdfs and ebooks
  • Content Marketing For Dummies (Digital Edition)
  • 30 day money back guarantee
lifetime PROFESSIONAL License  offer
One Time Purchase - Save $703
  • Lifetime access to the Designrr software platform
  • Access to unlimited copyright free images
  • Includes 720 Google fonts
  • 21 customizable themes
  • 12 Project Templates
  • Create unlimited lead magnets, pdfs and ebooks
  • 3d Cover Generator
  • 200 Professional Cover Images
  • Bonus: Content Marketing For Dummies (Digital Edition)
  • 30 day money back guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions

How does this compare with other ebook creators?

You don’t need WordPress, in fact it works on most websites e.g. Squarespace, Shopify, Hubspot blog. All you need it the URL of the actual post.

We also provide unlimited styling possibilities.  You are not forced into any structure or template.

Can I import a 2nd post?

Yes you can add a 2nd and a 3rd post - in fact you can make a book of your whole website

Can I import pages as well as posts?

Yes, because we are not tied to wordpress - you can import pages and posts.

Are all my links in the final pdf clickable?

Absolutely - all links are clickable

Can I import a page from someone else’s website?

Yes of course - you can do this as a service for your clients or any creative commons or public domain site.

What about headers and footers?

Yes these are automatically created with the post title as the header and a backlink to the post in the footer. Of course its all customisable

PS.  This is a short launch, and once you miss it, this price will never be available again.  Take advantage of the price today (It goes up daily), click here to buy now.

Disclaimer: This software is built for creating lead magnets and ebooks from your webpages.  Please don't create a book from someone else's website and call it your own.
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