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Dr John Quackenbush
Now that you have Designrr, I've put together a package to help you create full length quality ebooks including professional cover images and 3d covers all without paying expensive designers or outsourcing anything. 
The PRO license gives you these additional features:
1) More Templates More Designs
Over 200 additional template designs each month
I have commissioned a designer to create more project templates EVERY single month so you can instantly create amazing books without needing any graphic or design skills at all and never run out of new eye catching styles.
2) Over 200 Professional Cover Images
Designs include covers for fiction and non-fiction, corporate white papers and lead magnets.
With PRO you have an additional Covers section in the media manager which displays over 200 professionally designed book covers.

These automatically appear and you scroll and choose to insert these anywhere in your book.
3) 3d Cover Creator
Instant 3d covers
With 1 click Designrr PRO will generate a 3d cover image for you to save and upload to your site. 
4) Clone Your Projects
Rinse and Repeat
Once you've created one book and want to re-use your design. Simply clone it, edit it and republish.

2 Clicks and its done.
5) Import from PDF
Don't have a website, No Problem
Import that old whitepaper or pdf ebook for a whole new look. Upload the pdf, reformat and re-publish.
6) Export to Kindle Format
Sell your books on Amazon.
Export your finished book ready for the Kindle store.

Outputs in .mobi and epub formats making it easy to upload and publish on Amazon.

7) NEW: Flipbook Generator
Share online using Flipbooks
Create a flipbook and share using just a link. Great for your mobile users, so they don't have to download the pdf.  

Flipbooks are animated and also provide download options.
All these were created by Designrr:
Do the math...these are the costs to create a professional ebook:
  •   Hire book publisher to create a book from all your posts: $1997
  •   Hire a designer to create a cover image: $497
  •  Hire a growth hacker to write an article: $497
  •  Get a 3d Cover Image made: $47
Total: $3,038
Save over $3,001 by upgrading to PRO
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Upgrade your purchase for only:
(Normally $444 per year.)
  • Over 200 cover designs
  • 3d Cover Image Tool
  • 200 Additional Project Templates
  • Import from PDF
  • Import From Facebook Pages
  • Export to Kindle
  • NEW: Flipbook Generator
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Don't miss out on this incredible discount, once you leave this page or the timer expires the price will revert to $997 per year.
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