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Discover How Agencies, With Only 2 Hours Effort, Make Up To $1485 Per Day Using Designrr
"Fabulous tool. Completed pages come out looking ultra professional and takes only moments to repurpose your own content for added exposure. "
Marj Brown -  CEO
Donation PR Agency
There are thousands of businesses needing your services.  With Designrr Agency, you can resell our content, graphics and create templates.  So you can consistently generate whitepapers, leadmagnets and ebooks for your clients charging a monthly fee to do so...
Small and Large businesses already recognize that they need to repurpose their content by converting their webpages into books for downloads, slideshare or giveways at events.  

Its a high value service that you can charge top dollar for.  They don't need to know that Designrr generates these in 2 minutes a time.  Now thats a nice margin.
The Agency license gives you these additional features:
Template Your Styles
Create a style and re-use it time and time again
By creating a template that mirrors the customer's brand, you automatically raise the bar.  

By reusing this template you can pump out ebooks in seconds without any more cover page, headers, or style changes.
Full re-sell rights
Full Book ReSale Rights
You have full rights to re-sell all books using  our content and graphic designs to your clients as your own.
Leverage your team
You work as a team, let them have access too.  

We will setup extra accounts for you.  Up to 5 users, so your whole team can work together.
Local Lead Boss Included
Lead Generation For Agencies
Using our lead generation tool, you are able to search for companies using WordPress.

Create a lead magnet for them..

Send it to them to open the door as a 'Marketing Expert'

Its a simple formula:

With 2 hours using Local Lead Boss + Designrr, you can create 20 lead magnets or ebooks.  Assume you sell only 25% of them at $297, then you will make $1,485.

Even worst case scenario and you sell only 1, it will covers the cost of this upgrade package and leaves you with some profit.
Make over $1,485 per day by upgrading to Agency now

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